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Peter Nwangwu: Another pride of Nigeria

History was made Wednesday, September 27, 2006 when another Nigerian in the Diaspora was honoured with another American award. "The 2006 congressional Medal of Distinction" award was given to Peter Uchenna Nwangwu. Prior to this award, he was awarded the 2005 Ronald Reagan Republican Gold Medal by the National Republican Congressional Committee, as well as the "Businessman of the Year 2005, by the Business Advisory Council.

Nwangwu is a Nigerian-American, originally from Ogidi in Anambra State, Nigeria. Though he lived in Midland, Texas, home of President George Bush, he is home in Nigeria as the executive assistant to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He was selected for the awards based on unyielding support of the Republican Party, outstanding leadership in business, several inventions in the fields of medicine and pharmacology, and contributions to the local economy. He is one of the 12 men in the United States selected for .... more

Nwangwu: Practicing Pharmacology With Distinction

Prof. Nwangwu, is a highly educated Nigerian-American, with two earned doctorate degrees from the University of Nebraska, who has lived in the United States for 34 years. In a recent book, The Nigerian-Americans, by Prof. Ogbaa, Prof Nwangwu, along with Hakeem Olajuwon and Philip Emeagwali, were among the top 12 Nigerians who were selected and documented to have made the most significant positive impact and contributions to the American society.

Prof. Nwangwu has previously received several honors and awards in the United States and Europe, including biographical listings in over 20 prestigious reference books such as, Men of Achievement, Who's Who in Frontier Science and Technology, World Book of Honor, The Marquis Who's Who in the World, The International Who's Who of Contemporary Achievement, Personalities of America, Community Leaders of America, 5,000 Personalities of the World, Edition one, Two Thousand Notable Americans, International Book of Honor, The Directory of Distinguished Americans, International Who's Who of Professionals.

Prof. Nwangwu has made many remarkable achievements including the invention of two new techniques in pharmacology that are used widely worldwide, invention of seven new drugs that are patented in the United States,... more

UNN to Earn N14 Billion From Foundation

"University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) is to earn a sum of N14 billion in two years from the establishment of a new foundation. According to UNN Alumni Public Relations Officer, Gozie Arazu, the University of Nigeria Research and Economic Development (UNRED) Foundation is the vehicle for realizing this enormous task to be driven by an executive assistant to the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Chinedu Nebo and Prof. Peter Nwangwu.

Addressing the members of the university community, Nwangwu said "we shall do a new thing at the University of Nigeria, and that is to raise N14 billion in two years."

Already incorporated in the United States of America as a non-profit corporation, UNRED is envisaged to invest its funds in productive ventures that will ensure financial stability for the university.

Among its areas of focus include the establishment of an industrial park, developing partnerships between the university and industrial concerns by commercialising research findings and revitalising on-going and projected research..." more

The healthcare project for Nigeria

"It was while I served at St. John’s University, New York in the early 80’s that I became especially troubled about the state of healthcare services in Nigeria. At first I felt quite helpless about the scope and magnitude of the problem. But I eventually decided to pursue an idea that I felt would make significant contribution to alleviation of the problem. As you can appreciate, the key to making any significant and lasting impact on the problems of healthcare in Nigeria is having a dependable source of large sums of money – not just for the development of the proper healthcare infrastructure, but also for the perpetual maintenance of the infrastructure. I decided to set up a modern drug manufacturing company which will have the capacity to earn significant sums of money, and the sensitivity to commit the profits from this enterprise to the development of the healthcare sector in Nigeria..." more

Revamping university education system

As a graduate student at the University of Nebraska Medical Centre, I was in my laboratory working on my research project until 2:00a.m in the early morning sometimes, without any interruption whatsoever with supply of electricity, water, etc., and no concern about security or safety. In Nigeria, when the light goes off, you are compelled to go home, while your colleagues in laboratories in the civilised world are busy working. Most people in Nigerian universities have become so used to poor productivity from decadence and poor infrastructure that their brains suffer from disuse atrophy. Some of these same men and women, if placed in New York, London or California, will be the engines that drive research productivity and research commercialisation... more

Creation of a robust university

In less than 10 years of proper infrastructure and enabling environment for students and staff, the University of Nigeria will become the most prestigious and productive University in Nigeria. When it becomes the number one university in the nation, the certificates of all alumni, including all past alumni, will have more value and prestige nationwide. The university will also become ranked among the best in the world, which will be a source of pride and honour for all alumni worldwide. If Harvard University can become number one in the world without government funding, the University of Nigeria can become number one in Nigeria, and become ranked among the best in the world without government funding, if we re-engineer the university through proper economic planning and sustained economic development." more

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