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invited presentations

Contributions of Nigerians in diaspora
Address to the convention of Nigerian professionals in diaspora, at Paris, France.

"...It was while I served at St. John’s University, New York in the early 80’s that I became especially troubled about the state of healthcare services in Nigeria. At first I felt quite helpless about the scope and magnitude of the problem. But I eventually decided to pursue an idea that I felt would make significant contribution to alleviation of the problem. As you can appreciate, the key to making any significant and lasting impact on the problems of healthcare in Nigeria is..." view


"We Shall Do A New Thing At The University of Nigeria".
A Speech to the University of Nigeria, Community.

"...Some of my friends still cannot understand why I would accept the position at Nsukka when I have so much good things going for me in America.  It is true that America has been very good to me in many ways.  America is a fine and very structured society where merit and excellence are recognized and rewarded.  However, after 34 years in America, It is time to come home and help develop my own fatherland..." view


University Business In The 21st Century – Opportunities for Creation and Management of the Entrepreneurial University.
A presentation at the strategic plan training programme of the management staff of Ebonyi State University Community.

"...The phenomenon of creating companies around innovations from research at the university is too sweeping and too important to ignore. In addition to its enormous responsibilities to students, faculty and staff, the university also has responsibility to the community, region, and state in which it exists, through the impact of technology transfer, economic development, and new venture creation..." view


Tertiary Education Funding In The 21st Century – Opportunities For Creation And Management Of The Entrepreneurial University.
A presentation at the federal ministry of education forum for vice chancellors on tertiary education financing.

"...In the ranking of the top universities in the world, no Nigerian university came within the top 6,000.  For too long, Nigerian universities have depended too much on the Nigerian government for the financial resources needed to develop and sustain Nigerian universities..." view



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