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Hello Friend;

Thank you for coming to my website, www.nwangwu.com, and especially for navigating to the getting close page. Everything you will see and read on this website is true, accurate, and verifiable. Some people have wondered how I was able to achieve so much in my life, especially because I still look young and vibrant. I would say that I am a very focused person, with a lot of energy, vision and initiative.

The single most important factor in the history of my professional developmentisthe grace of God. As a growingyoung man, I had a tender and teachable heart, and the energy to follow my convictions with great passion. As I reviewed the pages of the bible, especially the New Testament, I was attracted to the simplicity, tenderness, fairness, consistency, and power of the “man called Jesus”. His teachings and claims were profound and remarkable, and yet simple and believable.

I was fortunate at various points in my development to pay measurable attention to His teachings and claims, and to apply my mind and heart to the meaning of those teachings and claims. To the extent to which I was able to apply my heart consistently, my life and the lives of those around me were blessed. As a member of the human race, I had my inconsistencies and days of naïve rebellion and distractions. To the extent to which I allowed my heart and life to be distracted, I lost opportunities for growth and development, by going round in circles.

It has been my personal experience that the grace of God is abundant and sufficient for all my needs. It is also true that in all things and at all times, God is at work for the good and benefit of those with contrite and teachable hearts who follow His purpose, regardless of their daily circumstances; God is in control of the ultimate outcome for them, and they are good, desirable outcomes.

Should you want to get closer, desire more information, or want to make any comments or inquires, please do not hesitate to contact me by email: nwangwu@nwangwu.com or phone: +234 80604 93334.


Prof. Peter U. Nwangwu, M.Sc., Pharm,D., Ph.D


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